Broadcasting live from the field

Thanks to the latest in satellite technology, the Intrepid Science team can broadcast live and answer questions from almost anywhere on the planet; something the explorers of old could only have dreamed of. We regularly give Hangouts on Air using G+. If you'd like to join us next time, check out Intrepid Science on G+ for announcements. And don't worry if you miss an event: the movies are automatically loaded up on the Intrepid Science YouTube Channel and can be watched later.  Below are just a small selection of the broadcasts we've made.

The first ever whale hunt broadcast live from Antarctica. Thankfully the Orca went in the opposite direction to us!

In the Land of Birds: It's hard to be heard in a colony of Snares crested penguins!

Trapped by sea ice we welcomed in the New Year with CNN's Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin in

Times Square, New York

(Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013-2014)

Drilling ancient ice at Patriot Hills (79˚S) to understand the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet